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What People Are Saying About Us

We love receiving feedback from our customers. Below are comments received via phone calls, written notes and emails.

Wow - Member's like the kettle corn. The 750 bag order was almost enough. Thanks for the excellent service.

George Roy, Treasurer/Manager, Lisbon Community Federal Credit Union

love, love, love the salt and vinegar!!!!

Missy C. F. - via Facebook

Subject: Salt and vinegar popcorn - Hello...just tried this popcorn at South Lewiston ball field tonight and it is awesome...I went on your website and got the locations, however I was wondering if you can get larger size bags? Let me know. Will go on the hunt for is very good!!

Bill B., Lewiston, ME

You guys are the best - thank you! Got it! I will talk to my fiancee this weekend and will place an order next week. I have to tell you, you guys have the most AMAZING customer service. It does NOT go unrecognized! High-five!

Amy- a bride

We received the popcorn. It is very good! Have a great Christmas!!

Glen H, Ypsilanti, MI via email

Thank you! The card is terrific, and we appreciate that you shipped this order right out. Our California relatives will love MAC's! Happy Holidays!

Sarah P., Lewiston, ME via email

I just bought a bag of your salt & vinegar at the local convenience store. It tasted rancid. Thought you should know. It is usually very, very good.

Anonymous phone message

Because we do not use preservatives and the salt & vinegar has milk products, it must be stored in a cool, dry place. Some stores have it displayed in windows where the sun beats in on it and we do not have control of the treatment of the product when distributors are delivering it. Although distributors are told of the required handling, we do not know if it is left in hot trucks or warehouses. Please return this bag to the store where it was purchased for a refund.

I love every type of corn in my recent order. The dark chocolate and peanut butter, ranch, cinnamon, salt and I will have to do that again soon.

Tim W., Bangor, ME via email

GOOD!!!! I just finished up my last bag and there is not a store that carries it for 50 miles or more !!! My daughter is waiting for the box of popcorn, we are very excited to get it and try the new flavors. I have also inquired about doing a fundraiser. I will get back to you next week.

Mary via email

YOU ARE THE BEST!!! I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy your kettle corn. I've tasted several at county fairs, farmers markets, and by ordering online, but the one we get from you has the perfect balance. My mom is totally hooked on kettle corn because she can enjoy a great tasting snack without blowing up like a balloon. She used to buy twinkies or ding dongs, but she has completely forgotten about them now which is great. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know this. I order all the way from San Diego and actually I'll be ordering some more in a minute. Thanks for making this totally delicious snack :)

Tony P, San Diego, CA

I was at a UMaine Hockey game and tried your kettle corn, it was instant gratification! The salty and sweet exploded into perfect harmony....loved it! Your kettle corn is pure perfect, that is why I just ordered just about every flavor you offer! Thank you for a great product! :)

Keona via email

The dark chocolate is very tasty!!!! (There was one bag left this morning and I couldn't resist any longer.)

Joe G., Brunswick, ME via email

I am Amy and I love your popcorn. I get it every year when I go to the UMaine Craft Fair. My question is can you order the jalepeno and/or ranch? I didn't see it online. THANKS

Amy via email

We do not keep these flavors in stock because of the lesser popularity of these specialty flavors. A half batch produces 6 bags of popcorn. If someone only orders 1 or 2 bags online, we are left with many bags without the demand. So we have taken the specialty flavors off the website. We are considering putting them back on with a 6 bag minimum.

Just wanted to let you know I received my order and, as usual, am very pleased. Thank you for the extra bag of popcorn and the free shipping. It's greatly appreciated, but wasn't really necessary. Thank you so much for always having such great customer service!

Cindy G. via email

Thanks so much for your response. I will be ordering via the website today; we are pleased that we will be able to enjoy your special popcorn year-round.

Lorna D via email

Glad to see you are keeping in business during the recession. I am going to school at Maine Maritime Academy in Castine, and I saw your kettle corn on the shelf at the local store. I usually don't like popcorn, but yours is so good, I bought it. What a good product you have. Congratulations

Gabriel L.

Sorry MAC. The cheese popcorn doesn't cut it. Maybe if you used real cheese instead of the phony cheese flavor stuff it would make the grade. But as-is, it tastes like it came out of the bilge of a Chinese freighter.

via email

We agree. Although the Cheddar Cheese (orange) flavor has been a very popular flavor, it is the only flavor that ever received negative comments. We do not want a low quality product, so we have dropped this flavor from our product line.

Holy !!! I never tried Kettle Corn cause I thought it would be too sweet. Then I finally just tried a handful of MAC's Kettle Corn. And I cannot stop! WOW, it is amazing! The perfect blend of sweet, and salt on popcorn! Honestly, the idea of it was not appetizing at first. But WOW, after just one taste I was hooked! There is a store up the street that sells it and I am going to be picking up a couple bags tonight!

Scott M.

Just returned from a weekend away and saw your box of popcorn in my driveway, soaked from a rainy weekend. Just wanted to let you know that ALL IS WELL with the popcorn inside. You were absolutely correct, Air tight.............and rain proof as well. Great stuff..................Thanks

Len J., Southbury, CT

My wife and I took a trip to meet friends on Orr's Island in Maine this past weekend. We stopped in Brunswick, ME, for gas and bought a bag of your Kettle Corn .................. Unbelievable. We had the whole bag consumed before we reached our destination, 30 minutes away. On our return visit yesterday, Sunday, we passed the same gas station, stopped and bought the remaining 4 bags to take home. Gave two away to two of my adult grandchildren who live in Freeport and am almost finished with our last bag. I just placed an order for 12 bags on line. Thanks for a great taste experience.

Len J., Southbury, CT

As a special treat during MEA testing, I sent my daughter to school with a bag of Salt & Vinegar popcorn in her snack bag. She came home and said 'Is it OK if I ate all of the popcorn? We are addicted!!' Now all her friends want some. She was thrilled to find out that I had another bag for her at home.

Amy Banks, Leeds, ME

We did present to the school board last night and received unanimous approval!

Amy Banks, Leeds, ME
Walking With Grace and Leeds Central School


My Grandson sold your Kettle Corn at school a few weeks ago to help sponsor trip to Florida for his baseball team. I became addicted to it.

Fred A., Aliquippa, PA

I want to tell you how delicious your popcorn is. Once one starts eating it, one can't stop. The best corn I've ever had. Please don't stop making it, and send it around to all stores!

Gordon C., Belfast, Maine

Any time we get a chance to go to Maine, we stock up with as much of your kettlecorn as we can get before returning to Albany, NY. Do you mail your product ? While we love Maine, it would be a lot less expensive to have you mail it than have us drive to Maine ! Keep popping this perfect version of kettlecorn.

Wally and Celia C., Albany, NY


ROBIN via email

I just have to tell you what you probably already know - you make the best kettle corn ever. I just bought two bags (original and cinnamon) this weekend at the UM craft fair - they are both gone. You have created the perfect blend of sweet and salty. I'm addicted already. I plan to give bags to all my friends for Christmas this year. Best wishes for your continued success.

Trina B., Portland, Maine

Your kettlecorn is amazing-delicious, and refreshing- I love it.... I was delighted to see it for sale at Belfast Coop-- in the past I had to wait till I was on Rte 3, near Augusta. I can't wait to try the other varieties. There is a similar product made in Natick, MA...but it is nowhere near as good....

John W., Wellesley, MA

Just a quick note to let you know up here in Bangor we love your corn!!! We buy it at Leadbetters. Everyone at my work loves it, and I have my boyfriend hooked now. So you can never stop making the best kettle corn in the East!!!!! Thanks for making such a yummy snack!!
PS. I have tried many other types of kettle corn and don't like any of them, they are all too sweet or all too salty. Yours is JUST RIGHT!!!!!!

Rachael L., Bangor, Maine

In all the years of running this store, this is the first time that someone has called to see if we have a specific product. I love it, MAC's Kettle Corn brings new customers into the store.

Lou, College Carry Out, Augusta, ME

I just bought a bag of your kettle corn at Deer Pond Variety. I just had to call and tell you that I love it. It is a wonderful product.

Anonymous phone message